When running in the admin_console portlet, it connects over the bus to the service_host probe and tries to determine where the admin console is running.

The service_host probe returns this address as a best guess. If it needs to be changed it can be done at the service host level or through this workaround.


1- Add a new page

2- Add "web content" to newly added page

3- Click on wrench Configuration icon and click Configuration

4- Select Setup

5- In Source URL field, add public IP address to admin console e.g:

Note: make sure that 8443/tcp or 8080/tcp (depending on what port service_host is using)  is publicly accessible

6- In Authentication Type, select "Form"

7- In Form Method, select "Post"

8- In "User name" "Value" field, type in @email_address@

9- if UMP is using emailAddress login type or @user_id@ if UMP is using screenName login type

10- In Password's Value field, type @password@

11- Click Save

Please refer to the following webcontent iFrame portlet screenshot: